Best Mountains Hiking for Beginners

Mount Baker, Washington (United State)

Mount Baker is one of the best training peaks in the world due to its high but manageable elevations and distances. The 10,781-foot summit is encased by 12 glaciers with more ice than any other glaciated mountains in the Cascades.

Please note: either there was dead body animal/human in the comfort station at the top of the mountain or it just NEVER gets cleaned-do not walk anywhere near that petri dish for disease….the smell was so excruciating and disgusting I could smell it on me the whole drive back (2 hours) down to Bellingham….there is absolutely no sign of maintenance for the public restrooms at the top of the Mountain. The scary thing is there are thousands of visitors that go through there-a complete breeding ground for illness. I cant imagine if someone needed to use that bathroom as an emergency-it was that bad.

The drive up is VERY loopy and windy-1.5 hours of that is not for everyone so note that too-NOT FUN for those who are prone to sickness

Not worth the drive to get there.

Mount Bromo,
Tengger Caldera national park, Indonesia

Soaring over 2300 meters above sea level, Mount Bromo is the only active volcano inside Java’s spectacular Tengger Caldera national park, Indonesia.

Under things to do there, the most exciting was a visit to Mt. Bromo, one of the live volcanoes along the volcano belt!!

272 steps up the side of the volcano & we were at the rim of the crater!We were in awe of the whole experience. You can actually hear the smoke coming out of the mouth of the crater deep below you! It was 6.15am & the sun was bright & warm overhead.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang, Indonesia

Only 30 km from the city. The views from the road are amazing. The volcano is sleeping but you can see some smoke sniff sulphur. Landscape is wonderful. The entrance fee for foreigners is about US$20.

Know their legend story from our grand mothers been passed down from generations…. Its famous in Asia especially in Java Indonesia. The mountain can be see very clearly like up side down Perahu (ship)

This national park is actually have so much to offer. Yes its a volcano but safe to visit. For those who love to enjoy scenery and beautiful mountain + fresh air away from traffic cities, this is the place to enjoy. Stalls and small shops selling local products and up to you to buy if you wish. For those with family, there is a place for you to enjoy picnic too. Beautiful small trees like a Bongsai great as shades here. Get your local guide to talk more about this place especially its legend. Never to Bandung if no visit here

Mount Fuji, Japan

It’s easy to get to Mount Fuji by bus from Tokyo.
The express highway bus terminal is located at Level 4 of the Shinjuku Bus Terminal. It is advisable to book your (return) ticket at least one day ahead to be sure of your desired timings. The two hour ride gets you to Lake Kawaguchi.

Upon reaching, a fifteen minute walk will lead you to Lake Kawaguchi. This would be the most ideal viewpoint of Mount Fuji.

Walk around the lake and the bridge which spans over the lake. The views are amazing.

Follow up by doing the ropeway. This is basically a cable-car which takes you to a stunning viewpoint of Mount Fuji. It is advisable to get your queue number first, go for a meal and get back for your number to be called. (wait time can be up to fifty minutes).

There is a local bus which can take you back to the station, should you choose not to walk. (both ways)
Alternatively, you can also rent bicycles from across the station from rental shops to cycle around the lakes.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro with its three volcanic cones, “Kibo”, “Mawenzi”, and “Shira”, is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa.

The Kilimanjaro trek is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The weather changes dramatically so pay close attention to their packing list. It does get very cold in certain areas and it’s cold at night. I also suggest taking medication for alititude sickness.