Ski boot fit is fundamental to your enjoyment of the sport which is why we look at ski boot fitting as the most important aspect of our service.

We look at everything from your skiing history to pre-existing injuries.

Our team of bootfitters are trained to assess the foot and make the appropriete adjustments to the shell, footbed and liner.

Allow a bit of time as ski boot fits can go on a while to make sure we get it right.

All ski boots purchased at Craigdon Mountain Sports Perth are fitted free of charge.


If you have an existing pair of ski boots that are giving you problems (pains, niggles, too loose, too tight, etc.) then our ski boot technicians at Craigdon can assess and modify your boots as required.

Craigdon’s ski boot Retrofit / Modification service takes between 1 – 1½ hours and costs £30.00.


We make the following assessment to ensure your new ski boots are the perfect fit:

  • Establish your level of skiing ability
  • Bio-mechanical Analysis including range of motion
  • Ascertain best boot for your feet
  • Stabilisation of foot using a custom orthotic (if necessary)

With many of the custom shell boots available at Craigdon we Oven-Mold the boots to your foot shape. This ensures a precise fit giving maximum comfort and reducing any chance of foot pain and discomfort.


At Craigdon Perth we offer a Ski Bootfit Guarantee. This means we will guarantee the fit of your boots providing you have followed the technician’s advice. Any necessary remedial work will be carried out free of charge, to your satisfaction.

Once you have purchased your new ski boots from Craigdon we highly recommend you wear them at home and if possible test them out at your nearest indoor ski centre before heading off on holiday.